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DNA Helix Microscope Dab Bong - Croia Glass

DNA Helix Microscope Dab Bong

DNA Bong This microscope designed DNA Bong is a beautifully crafted piece of glass. With purple and pink accents dazzling up and down the helix, this gorgeous masterpiece draws deserved attention wherever you use...
Scientific Double Crown Percs Bong - Croia Glass

Scientific Double Crown Percs Bong

High Quality Scientific Bong Check out the Double Crown Bong By Croia Glass. One of the best double perc bongs on the market, this piece features clear color and incredible diffusion at a great...
Flower Hand Pipe - Croia Glass

Flower Hand Pipe

Here is a unique sunflower sharp glass smoking pipe that is made of 100% boro glass. some bees are collecting nectar from the flowers. It's 4 inch tall, there are three...
Rainbow Cloud Dab Rig - Croia Glass

Rainbow Cloud Dab Rig

Do you want to see rainbow and cloud every day? Rainbow Cloud Bowl Dab Rig  Now you can collect this rainbow dab rig from Croia Glass. This Art Rig built-in...
Glass Knuckle Bubbler - Croia Glass

Glass Knuckle Bubbler

This is a finger knuckle bubble that is made of durable boro glass. It's a perfect glass selection who like blunts and cones. Don't hesitate to take it today. 5.5"...
Pineapple Glass Water Pipe - Croia Glass

Pineapple Glass Water Pipe

Pineapple Glass Water Pipe Bong This is unique perc like pineapple design with holes to guarantee good water function. It's made of high-quality boro glass, stands 11 inch tall.there is...
Pineapple Glass Bong

Pineapple Glass Bong

Pineapple Durable Thick Glass Bong This is a durable thick glass made bong, it stands 11 inches tall, there is a pineapple sharp percolator inside with multiple it will...
Iridescent Glass Oil Rig - Croia Glass

Iridescent Glass Oil Rig

Iridescent Glass Oil Recycler Rig Get the most out of your favorite concentrates with the highly functional Klein recycler rig. It stands 8 inch tall, is easy to carry and...
Rainbow Dab Rigs - Croia Glass

Rainbow Dab Rigs

Rainbow Dab Rigs Quartz Banger This stunning rainbow concentrate rig is guaranteed to deliver the smoothest hits of your favorite concentrates!it features donut perc with dual recycling upcycling stands 10" tall,...
Metallic Klein Recycler Bong - Croia Glass

Metallic Klein Recycler Bong

Metallic Klein Recycler Glass Bong This champagne Metallic Recycler is perfect for travel use. It stands 8 inch tall, is easy to carry and smoke. This will definitely be a great addition to...
Iridescent Cake Dab Rig - Croia Glass

Iridescent Cake Dab Rig

Iridescent Cake Dab Rig Bong This is a gorgeous dab rig, it looks like cake stands 9 inch tall, blown by 5mm thick boro glass tube. The bent neck design...